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COVID Policies


Due to a positive 2020-2021 school year in relationship to the COVID-19 mitigation plan, we are blessed to offer on-campus, in-classroom instruction for the upcoming year.  The RVCS administration and School Committee (Board) are planning for a successful school year. Below is the response to the interim guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Virginia Department of Health.

  1. Staying home when sick – The nurse should be notified if COVID is suspected. The school nurse will work with each family as to their timeline for return to school. Open communication with the School Nurse will be necessary during this time.

  2. Physical distancing – Distancing is monitored by the classroom teachers.

  3. Screening testing – Staff and families will conduct a basic health check at home each morning. A health check form will not be used as was done in the past. A child should remain at home with a temperature of 100.4° and above, and/or if COVID symptoms are present, and the child’s parent should notify the school nurse.

  4. Ventilation – This has been formerly addressed with last school year’s mitigation.

  5. Handwashing (including not touching one’s face with hands) and respiratory etiquette – The staff and students will continue this practice. Hand sanitizer stations will remain throughout the facilities.

  6. Cleaning and maintaining healthy facilities – Staff and students will continue to clean surfaces.

  7. Exposure, isolation and quarantine – Families will be notified of COVID exposure and choose whether to keep their children home or continue to send them to school, and monitor for symptoms. Individual classrooms may need to be temporarily closed at times, depending on the levels of COVID transmission within the classroom. Also, see number 1 above.

  8. Vaccination – Opportunities have been shared with the staff. RVCS does not inquire about or keep record of the COVID-19 vaccination status of staff members or students.

  9. Masks – Masks are permitted for those who would like to wear them. Masking is not required, but is recommended for anyone who is recovering from COVID, during days 6-10 following illness.


Our main goal is to have a COVID-free campus. This means that each family is vital in helping the school achieve this goal. As each family keeps their child(ren) home when they are sick, it puts all of us in a safer position. This same expectation is for our staff members as well. Each person’s decisions to follow this consistently is more important than any other mitigating factor to reduce the transmission of the virus.

 The following measures are designed to provide additional layers of protection to the goal above.

  •  The state has given flexibility to each locality to implement strategies that will best work in their environments.

  •  Lunch will be served in the cafeteria this year with the following modifications and/or permissions.

    •   Pre-K will eat in their classrooms.

    •   Extra lunch period (four instead of three) for the reduction of students in the cafeteria

    •   Classes may still eat outside as directed by the teachers.

    •   Students, grades 9-12, have the option of eating outside at the picnic tables.


  • Staff will monitor the doors to assist children as the arrive.

  •  Parents may drop off students at the main exterior doors of each building.


  • Students, K2-grade 6 will continue to use SafeDISMISSAL at the end of the school day.  This naturally limits how many kids are outside together at any given time.

Knowing God’s design for us to be relational creatures, we believe this is why many of our students thrived this past year. They were able to stay in concert with God’s original design, encouraging one another spiritually , having a direct impact on one’s overall health.

February 2022

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