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The Before School program ends at the 7:50 a.m. bell.

If your child becomes ill before the 7:50 bell rings, the Before School worker will call a parent to come and pick up the child from school. The nurse is not on campus until 8:30 a.m.


Breakfast is welcome in the Before School program. PLEASE do not bring candy, cookies, or soft drinks, etc. for breakfast.


Your child is welcome to bring a toy from home for Before School Care. This should not be a valuable toy or one that the child is not willing to share. Toys can also be played with in After School Care.


Only Nerf balls are allowed in the cafeteria for Before/After School Care. No exceptions will be made. If your child brings other balls for After School Care for outside play, they must be kept in or with their backpacks. When this rule is not followed, balls that are not allowed in the cafeteria may be confiscated and your child may pick them up from the director when leaving at day’s end. This rule is very important in an effort to keep the mounted projection unit, ceiling tiles and walls in good condition.


Electronics are allowed in Before and After School Care. At the 7:50 bell, all electronics are to be turned off and put away. Older students must follow RVCS rules on what types of music are allowed when listening on iPods, etc. Electronics will be confiscated if rules are not followed and may be picked up in the main school office at day’s end or from the director when leaving.


Rudeness, disrespect, bad language, and general misbehavior will not be tolerated in the Before and After School Care Program. The child will be warned the first time and if behavior is not corrected, a report form will be completed and sent to the school office along with the child.

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