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Contact the upper school office at:
(540) 366-2432, ext. 127
8:00AM - 3:30PM

RVCS Upper School prepares students for the present and the future as it fulfills the Mission Statement;  "Roanoke Valley Christian Schools makes disciples of Christ in obeying the command of God to train students in truth."   Teachers deliver all academic content from a Biblical worldview while applying truth to life.  Students are challenged to develop physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually in the path God designed for their lives.  Academic excellence provides life skills for students to excel in university, vocation, or service.


Upper School teachers are called to this ministry.   They serve students through the mission of the school. Teachers hold degrees and maintain certification through Association of Christian Schools International. Professional development for teachers develops a clear Biblical worldview as well as best educational practices. Teachers demonstrate concern for their students’ beyond academic content. 

Preparation for Life:
Training in life skills is an important product of  RVCS.  Students are taught by Godly teachers who are called to this ministry.   Teachers at RVCS are required to maintain certification through Association of Christian Schools International which combines stringent academic recognition along with Bible training. Each teacher conveys to the classroom a wealth of personal, practical, and spiritual education within the framework Biblical truth.  Students are prepared for life! 

RVCS is accredited by two organizations.   The first, Association of Christian Schools International, is an international accrediting organization maintaining superior academic requirements in many countries. Cognia is a global network of educators to strengthen schools through accreditation and professional development.  RVCS meets the rigorous accreditation requirements from both agencies. 

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AP Courses

The College Board has approved RVCS for AP classes to be taught at RVCS.  This certification allows the school to not only teach the designated AP classes, but to also mark those classes as approved AP coursework on the students' transcripts.  Students taking such coursework may receive college credit upon completion of the course.  For additional information about this contact the Upper School Office at 540.366.2432, ext. 127.

College Scholarship Info

Information will be added here as it becomes available.

Appalachian Bible College
1.  Children of vocational Christian Workers - $5000 annually
Requirements:  Head of household is in full time vocational ministry

2. Church Matching Scholarship program - up to $2000 annually
Requirements:  For every dollar your home church sponsors you, ABC will match up to $2000.  Pastors can find this form on ABC's website.  (Potential of $4000 scholarship)

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Dual Credit is available for English. Contact the Upper School Office for more information.

RVCS offers Advanced Diploma.  Click HERE for details.

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The following facts concern requirements from the Commonwealth of Virginia for teens under 18 to obtain a driver’s license.

For more information, contact the upper school office.

a. Teens must be 15 years and 6 months old in order to apply for a learner’s permit. RVCS can administer the sign and general knowledge test.
b. Teens must hold a learner’s permit for a total of 9 months before applying for a driver’s license.

a. Teens under 18 must pass the classroom portion of Driver Education.
b. 36 classroom periods are required before taking the in-car instruction.

a. Teens must pass the in-car portion of Driver’s Education.
b. 7 periods of driving (behind the wheel) and 7 periods of observation.

On the last day of in-car instruction students take a road test. Upon passing they receive a temporary driver’s license from their instructor which is valid for 6 months.

Within the 6-month period with their temporary driver’s license, students receive a postcard in the mail with date for them to appear in court with their parents at which time they will receive their permanent license.