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Home School Support

We at Roanoke Valley Christian Schools want to be a support to parents who have the conviction to home school their children.  In an effort to express our support, the following services are available to you:

Standardized Testing:
Each year, the school has a week scheduled for TerraNova3 (TN3).  Parents have the option of bringing their child to the school during that week for the test.  The testing fee is $50.  You can make arrangements for your child by calling the main school office at 366-2432, ext. 120.  Also, there are teachers who are willing to administer a standardized test on an individual basis.  To secure a list of these individuals, also call the main school office.  The testing fee would still be $50.  In our opinion, we believe that a child would benefit and have a more accurate test result if he or she is tested individually.

Upon request, a current listing of our textbooks can be supplied to you. In most situations, there are duplicate copies of student texts available on a rental basis to you as a homeschooler.

1.Rental fee per book - $5.00 per book
2.Deposit to be paid in addition to rental fee - the deposit will be refunded when books are turned in satisfactory condition ($30 per book not to exceed $100).
3. Parents requesting consumable items or other books which are not available through RVCS are welcome to come to the school and look through catalogs.  Catalogs may not be removed from school property.  In addition, administrative assistants are not allowed to order books for home school parents.
4. Each individual family may request only one copy of each textbook that is available. Multiple copies are not permitted.
5. The school reserves the right to recall a textbook should RVCS enrollment increase.

Library Usage:
We invite home schoolers and their children to take advantage of our two libraries which are located in the lower and upper school buildings.  Please call the school office to secure hours which are available for you to come and check out books.

Field Trips:
At the beginning of each school year, field trips are planned for each of the grade levels.  If there is an interest for your child to participate in any of these field trips, a listing can be provided for you.  This information includes the places, the academic departments for which the field trip enhances learning, the time of the year in which the field trip is held, and the approximate cost.  Once an interest has been indicated to us regarding specific field trips, more detailed information will be sent.

Partial Enrollment:
Often home schoolers will desire for their child to enroll for one or more classes or Supplementary Learning Program at RVCS.  If interested, an enrollment application must be completed.  A fee for individual classes is set each year.  For more information, call the main school office.

If there are other services for which we could help, please do not hesitate to contact Rick Brown (366-2432, ext. 119) or and express your request.  We thank you for the opportunity to be a partner with you as you home school your child.

Requirements for home schooling children in Virginia can be found in §22.1-254.1. Resources for home instruction are listed on the VDOE Private Schools and Home Schooling page at: 

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