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Roanoke Valley Christian Schools welcomes the addition of international students!  The international students who attend RVCS are in pursuit of an American college preparatory education with a Christian worldview.  At RVCS, these students are taught from a Christian worldview where students and teachers are able to openly speak about Jesus Christ and advance their knowledge of Scripture.  RVCS enjoys the privilege of hosting students from around the world – China, Germany, Mexico, South Korea, Russia, and other countries.  Acceptance of international students begins with an application. The initial registration fee for all international students is $250.  Receipt of the registration fee is necessary before enrollment in RVCS is offered.  

Please CLICK HERE to apply for our 2024-2025 school year!

The requirements for acceptance for international students are much the same as for local students:

  • International students complete an application.

  • International students are interviewed by the upper school principal.

  • International students are to live with approved host families.

  • Families and students must be willing to abide by and sign the School Covenant.(pdf)

  • Students need to be academically motivated and have a proven record of being successful in their current school.

  • Students are to be willing to get involved in clubs and activities at RVCS.

  • Students’ behavioral, emotional and social histories must demonstrate maturity and are to be in harmony with the expectations of Roanoke Valley Christian Schools.


Admissions TOEFL testing score requirements: 

[TOEFL Jr. (ages 11-15) and TOEFL-IBT (ages 16+)]

9th grade – TOEFL Jr. score of 725+ or TOEFL score of 50+

10th grade – TOEFL Jr. score of 750+ or TOEFL score of 60+

11th grade – TOEFL Jr. score of 775+ or TOEFL score of 75+

12th grade – TOEFL Jr. score of 800+ or TOEFL score of 75+

Admissions iTEP SLATE Plus Testing score requirements:

9th grade – 3.5+

10th grade – 4.0+

11th grade – 4.5+

12th grade – 4.5+

Admissions SSAT testing score requirement: 70% or higher

Enrollment requirements for international students after acceptance:

After class attendance of six weeks, international students’ mastery of the English language will be re-evaluated and if determined by the administration, the student will have to attend English tutoring classes.  This will involve additional expense to the student.

Host Families Needed:
Please contact John Law, Upper School Principal ( for information on how you can be blessed by hosting an international student in your home.

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