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To view a copy of "Like the Master," a brochure featuring our teachers, their education, certification information, and teaching assignments, please CLICK HERE.
CLICK HERE for a copy of the RVCS Personnel Overview.

Use the links below to reach any of our faculty/staff via e-mail.

Meet the Administration


Rick Brown

School Administrator, Associate Pastor for School Ministries


Tim Ragan

Campus Pastor


Eric Gutierrez

Director of Recruitment and Advancement


Annette Jones

Preschool Director, Teaches K4


John Law

Upper School Principal


Dinisha Fether

Lower School Principal


Atkins, Jennifer (5th Grade)

Bage, Jessi (Math7, Math 7, Algebra 1, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Physics)

Bartlett, Susan US History, Government, Bible 11 & 12)

Barnett, Annie (4th Grade)

Bowles, Janet (Spanish)

Brown, Carol (3rd Grade) 

Brown, Jennifer (Instructional Aide K2)

Call, Ashley (2nd Grade)

Carlton, Chelaine (Earth, Life & Physical Science)

Causey, Jerry (English 8 & 9, World History)

Causey, Nola (5th Grade)

Causey, Suzanne (Music K5-Gr. 6, SLP)

Conley, Cheryl (Algebra I, Personal Finance) 

Cooper, Alisa (2nd Grade)

Eckard, Danielle (3rd Grade)

Eshbaugh, Sue (English 7, 10, Geometry, Algebra 2)


Fagan, Katie (Computer, Home Economics)

Ferro, Carrie (K3)

Forte, Esther (Kindergarten 5)

Hasson, Allison (1st Grade)

Haynes, Elizabeth (Kindergarten 5)

Hill, Debbie (4th Grade)

Jervis, Mark (School Security Officer)


Jervis, Lisa (Art)

Jones, Annette (K4)

Jones, Maria (Grades 5 & 6 Social Studies/Bible)


Keller, Rachel (SLP) 

Law, Ruth (Civics, Geography, Library) 

Park, Kim (College & Career Guidance Advisor, English 11-12, Dual Credit English) 

Pattie Perry (SLP)

Pjecha, Marnie (K4)

Somers, Brooke (Instructional Aide)


Somers, Dana (Athletic Director, Girls' Health/PE 7-10, Lower School PE) 

Josiah Somers (Assistant AD, Boys’ Health and PE 7-10, Lower School PE)

Tawney, Stephanie (Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry,

Environmental Science)

Turner, Lisa (1st Grade)

Unger, Rebekah (US Choir, MS Choir, Grades K-6 Music)

Walker, Jessica (LS Library /Spanish K5-grade 6 / Preschool Music)

Washington, Rebekah (Grades 5 & 6, Math/Bible)

Whorley, Chelsea (Preschool Instructional Assistant)

Wood, Bailey (Bible 7-10 (Girls), Pre-Algebra

Wood, Derrick (Bible 7-10 (Boys),  Honors World Geography

Wright, Melody (Upper School Art, LS PE)

Support Staff


Main School/Lower School Office:
Sherry Snyder 

Elaine Brown, Administrative Assistant 

Admissions Director:
Sherry Snyder 

Co-Athletic Directors:
Dana Somers


Josiah Somers

Upper School Administrative Assistant:
Sylvia Milota

School Nurse:
Laura Boyd; Kara Murphy

Athletic Secretary:
Elaine Brown

Food Services Director:

Shannon Becraft

Before/After School Director:
Tammy Lewis

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