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Supplementary Learning Program

Children deserve a Christian education regardless of learning differences or academic deficiencies. The Supplementary Learning Program (SLP) at RVCS consists of multiple components to service some of these children. The Supplementary Learning Program at RVCS is designed to assist students who are struggling academically in the classroom. These students may/may not have a diagnosed learning disability but may be struggling with reading, writing, English, spelling, math, organization, study skills, or attention. All components charge additional fees in addition to tuition except for Teachers on Call. Information regarding services to home school students can be found on the RVCS website. 


Educational Therapy (National Institute for Learning Development, NILD) is designed for students (K-12) who are not achieving their academic potential due to a disorder in one of the basic psychological processes involved in understanding or in using spoken or written language. A full educational psychological evaluation, less than three years old, with a specific diagnosis is required to be eligible for NILD therapy. Educational and psychological testing identifies areas of weaknesses. Therapy strengthens the identified areas of weakness in perception and cognition through individualized instruction.  Students attend Educational Therapy three times a week.  Students are made to think logically, to make judgments, and to solve problems through the careful questioning and cuing of the therapist. The length of stay in the program varies due to individual needs and achievement rates. Students are usually enrolled a minimum of three to four years depending upon the severity of the deficits. Classroom teachers work closely with the therapist to provide accommodations or modifications in the regular classroom. Development of confident, independent, lifelong learners is the objective.   Students, grades 9-12, receive one credit if enrolled in educational therapy for the year. RVCS employs certified NILD therapists.

EXECUTIVE FUNCTION COACHING (EFC) provides help for students struggling in the classroom. Many students struggle in the classroom as a result of ADHD or executive functioning deficiencies. Parents and teachers refer struggling students to the SLP director.  Referrals can be made throughout the school year. Students are seen by a SLP teacher for at least three 30-minute sessions a week.  Students may be seen in groups of two or three. Classroom teachers provide accommodations or modifications in the regular classroom following consultation with the SLP teacher.


​ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT PROGRAM is designed for students, grades 4-5, who are higher achieving students (80th percent or higher on math and 70% or higher on reading on a standardized test) in their academic work.  Students meet twice weekly for approximately 90 minutes for advanced studies in math, science and language arts.
SEARCH AND TEACH identifies children who may have difficulty acquiring the foundational skills necessary for success in reading and provides intervention for reading success. SEARCH is the diagnostic element of the program. TEACH is the intervention element of the program. A series of learning activities target any weak area revealed by SEARCH to strengthen that area. The primary goals of the SEARCH & TEACH program is to prepare children for reading success, and therefore prevent the emotional consequences of school failure. If a child appears to be at risk in more than three of the areas revealed by SEARCH, the therapist will meet with the parents and discuss these issues and decide whether enrollment in the TEACH program should be considered.


The SEARCH portion of the program will be administered to kindergarten students at RVCS. There will be no charge to the parents for this service. If any student appears to be at risk, the therapist will meet with the teacher and parents to discuss these issues. If enrollment in the TEACH program is recommended, there will be a cost for the TEACH Program.

TEACHERS ON CALL is available on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (7:50 - 8:15am) at no additional charge.


TUTORING SERVICE can be scheduled for students who need individual instruction. The tutor determines the fee for this service.


There is a fee for all divisions of the Supplementary Learning Program in addition to the regular tuition except for Teachers on Call.
Educational Therapy:  $2,350/year

Executive Function Coaching: $155/month

Independent Resource:  $40/month
Academic Enrichment:  $820.00/year
Search and Teach:  $65.00/month


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