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RVCS Intent to Re-enroll for 2023-2024:

Families, who are planning to return and take advantage of early registration will need to affirm the following statements by placing a mark in the appropriate box:

23/24 Tuition/Fees:

K2-K4 (5 full days): $6,700
K2-K4 (3 full days): $3,975
K2-K4 (2 full days): $2,650
K2-K4 (5 half days): $4000
K2-K4 (3 half days) $2,400
K2-K4 (2 half days): $1,600
Grades K5 - 6:  $6,990

Grades 7 - 12:  $7,825

Many families qualify for SCHOLARSHIPS reducing the tuition as listed above. For details contact the Admission Director. Tuition is payable on an annual, semi-annual, or monthly basis.

Registration Fee*:
1 Student $110.00
2 Students $213.40
3 Students $305.25
4 Students $387.20
5 Students $459.25

*The registration fee is due at the time of enrollment or re-enrollment, and is non-refundable.


Testing Fee:

A testing fee of $50.00 per individual is due at the time of testing for new students, but only necessary if a recent standardized testing report is not available. (This fee is in addition to the registration fee.)
A fee of $25.00 per Kindergarten applicant is included in the registration fee.

Curricular Fee:

Annual curricular fees include consumable workbooks, curriculum packets, computer fees, etc.
K2 - Grade 6:  $100.00
Grades 7-12:  $125.00

For both tuition and registration fee, there is a scholarship for each additional child enrolled. The TUITION cap for families is $15,800 for 2023-2024.

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